about myself

I find it difficult to describe oneself.

Out of the many things I enjoy, I would mention jazz, blues and “world” music, artistic films and series (Kitano, Loach, Kusturica…), riding a bicycle, DIY activities, monoskiing, hiking, eating good food, cooking, theatrical acting, second hand goods and travelling. I quickly feel unhappy in front of a computer and I love working with children and young people.

I’m presently a European volunteer but I’ve been many things before- a theatre comedian and technician, an interior painter, a translator, a communications office worker and a teaching assistant.

The longest position I’ve had was as a student. I interrupted the first two years of my higher education because I didn’t enjoy them, then studied economics and languages (English, Spanish) for three years, before doing a MA in European Studies at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Grenoble. It was interesting but not impassioning.

I was born in London, and our family lived in Barkingside, north east London, for eight years before moving to Grenoble. As a teenager I missed England, listened to bit pop and thought I was English. But I came back twice and didn’t like it that much. In September 2003 I went to study at King’s College London and came back after three months. In September 2011 I decided to move to London but had trouble finding a job and blending in. I flew off to Istanbul in February. Most of my French friends think that I’m not really French. They are right of course. Identity is a complicated and rather relative thing.

The concept of “belonging to somewhere” often influences my photography work. I am sensitive to my surroundings. My mood, point of view and attitude can change according to where I am, to the weather, to the aspect and atmosphere of a place. My photographs depict street corners, views, things or simply shapes and colours that I find appealing, cunning or soothing.



  1. maryse

    belle photo, du talent!

  2. maryse

    Pareil , je partage le commentaire de Zazou

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