A photography blog

This is a photography blog.

It provides impressions of Istanbul and other places in Turkey, through the scope of a European Voluntary Service at Toplum Gönüllüleri Vakfı undertaken by a young French wandering postgraduate from Grenoble (myself).

I’m interested in photography.

This blog is not about moral or cultural impressions but about visual impressions.

This blog is not about lengthy commentaries, cheap comparisons or survival tips. If ever you go to Turkey I don’t want to spoil the fun of discovery by giving you preconceptions and biased advice. Besides I’m simply not interested in comparing Turkish tea with English tea and you name what other trivialities.

So all I can say is watch, think and enjoy!


A few tips on how to read this blog:

– Posts are organized in a chronological order though some are ongoing. So that you don’t get lost, the titles of ongoing posts have a  “≈” symbol (meaning that they’re more or less finished).

– Some photos may look blurred at first. This is due to compression and rendering from WordPress that is out of my control. If they do look blurred, simply click to see them full size.

– Leave comments!


For those interested in the engine room, the photos on this blog were taken with:

– a Samsung NX10 SLR (APS-C sensor) / Samsung 30mm (50mm equivalent) F:2.0 lens.

Most photos are straight out of the camera. I use Irfanview for resizing and sometimes minor contrast adjustment. Occasionally, I also use:

-a Minolta XE5 SLR / Rokkor 28mm F3.5 lens / Rokkor 58mm F1.4 lens / Kodak Color Plus 200 ASA 35mm film.

– a Contax 139 SLR / Carl Zeiss 50mm F:1.7 lens / Tamron 35-80 SP macro F:2.8-3.5 zoom / Kodak Color Plus 200 ASA 35mm film.



  1. maryse

    I can see its not that cold,nobody in Grenoble wears shorts!

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